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Retaining Walls and Wall Stone Staircases

Retaining Walls and Wall Stone Staircases

   We at Patrick T. Sharkey landscape designs are here for your every outdoor-space desire and whim. We create and install stone staircases and retaining walls to match many stone varieties, colors, and textures. The entrance to your home should be as creative as you are! Retaining walls and stone staircases add loads of depth and atmosphere to your outdoor oasis. Furthermore, the drainage capabilities of your landscape will improve greatly with the installation of retaining walls.

   Our designers, masons, and builders take pride in developing designs that create additional outdoor functional space – one of the most revered aspects of your home and property. At Patrick T. Sharkey our outdoor projects add a new dimension to your landscape, both aesthetically and functionally. We offer the skills, knowledge, and experience to create a partition, wall, or stone staircase that is stable, durable, and beautiful. One of our many points of focus is preventing water pressure buildup, and we go above and beyond to ensure your property is fully protected. An adequate drainage system can do wonders for your landscape, and we offer a complete inspection prior to installation. In most cases, adding a retaining wall is necessary to hold back soil and rain runoff, while adding depth and deeper intrigue to any outdoor space.

   Whether you want a retaining wall to highlight an area of your property or enhance your garden bed, we will ensure your preferences are given the utmost professional attention. You may simply want to utilize an existing retainer wall, or perhaps you’re considering adding one for a sunk-in courtyard; whatever your desire, we at Patrick T. Sharkey have the most innovative ideas on how to incorporate a wall design with your space that will look gorgeous and be relatively easy to maintain.

   Pairing retaining walls and winding walkways with your lovely landscaped property can add interesting depth and texture to any outdoor area, and naturally mesh with the landscape and décor. At Patrick T. Sharkey we offer myriad choices to create your fabulous new retaining walls and stone staircases.

   One remarkable option is to design with overlapping stones. A simple design yet artistically complex in its representation, overlapping stones create pockets of shadows which are a great way to add a new concept to an old wall. For a fantastic look for those who have larger wall space to cover, this design is a winner because the more shadow pockets there are, the better this particular design looks. Overlapping stones really make your house stand out in any neighborhood.

   Another idea is working with concrete planter boxes. When it comes to retaining wall landscaping, this concept is also a great one. Again providing the “shadow” effect, this wall creates a truly remarkable and unusual look. Still another great choice is created with interlocking blocks. This design is super cool for retaining walls because it calls for interlocking blocks to complete it. Outside of the normal brick or planter box concept, these blocks are cylindrically-shaped and add huge depth and dimension to the whole concept. You can choose any type of shape you like, but these cylindrical blocks are incredibly uncommon for that artsy garden look you may want to achieve.

   For another option, concrete block retaining walls are a gorgeous design. If you’re browsing through any cinder block retaining wall ideas, this one may be the design to choose. The blocks are neutral in color but colossal in size and textured to add interesting character and depth to any garden space. With stone steps cut into these massive blocks, your outdoor space will look like a woodland fairy tale – a great idea for a summer getaway home or country lodge in the mountains.

   Stacked retaining walls are a great option when desiring a shorter wall. A stacked retainer wall is a short, stacked design that offers heaps of dimension to the outdoor space. This is a lighter, smaller look that may be exactly right for your unique property. A stacked retaining wall is an easy garden layout where different types of flowers, shrubs, or trees can be planted in each tier of the garden.

   Jagged rock walls are one of the most unique rock retaining wall ideas. The design utilizes jagged textured slabs of stone and rock to create a wall picturesque enough to be in a garden magazine! The slabs of stone or concrete make the viewer believe the wall is actually comprised of roughly cut rocks instead of clean slabs of textured stone: truly eye-catching.

   Patrick T. Sharkey Landscape Design building and remodeling company guarantees every job, while we maximize your living space and help make your home THE place to be. Let us transform your outdoor property and make your neighbors slow down and take notice! We offer skilled craftsmanship and artistry into everything we do. If you can dream it, we can build it! PATRICK T SHARKEY, Landscape Designers

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