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Custom Plantings

Custom Plantings

   In today’s world we all work increasingly long hours and days each year, so we have less and less time to reconnect, refresh, and regroup during downtime. So a peaceful, comfortable, inviting living space is more important than ever, including your outdoor property. In fact, your outside environment should provide the laid-back relief of feeling at home and at peace as you enjoy your individually-styled yard and pool, which is where proper landscaping, plants, and trees play their part. Whether your garden or outdoor space is large or small, proper plant selection and placement can help create a soothing atmosphere. Add some color and fragrance to your outdoor paradise!

   We at Patrick T. Sharkey specialize in exotic as well as traditional (and everything in between) plants and trees that are perfect to add the most color, dimension, and serenity as possible to your garden oasis. For those more adventurous homeowners, we also specialize in many varieties of large specimen trees for beauty, shade, and comfort. And our designers and landscapers are on the ball when it comes to planting properly for your individual property, taking into consideration the soil, sunlight, drainage, and other crucial factors for proper care and long life of your new plants and trees. Our tremendous variety of evergreen and deciduous trees are sourced exclusively from accredited wholesale nurseries to guarantee and maintain quality. At Patrick T. Sharkey we can enhance your quality of life with our thoughtfully planned outdoor custom floriculture.

   We are passionate about helping clients find solutions for their outdoor-living needs and desires, so our overarching goal is to provide total and complete living enhancement services. When we create outdoor-living spaces we want to solve complex outdoor property challenges our clients may have while enhancing their lifestyles, improving their quality of life, and providing serene and relaxing environments where they can reconnect with nature in their own backyard, front yard, or swimming pool space. When your landscaping is designed by Patrick T. Sharkey all you have to do to find outdoor paradise is to step outside!

   It goes without saying that, ultimately, your property’s value is a top priority for you, so keep in mind that a sensational landscape design is a great investment, and a well-designed landscape will give you and your family abundant pleasure for years to come! Custom planting by Patrick T. Sharkey creates unique landscape architectural designs that will resonate with your home and your style. Our landscape and garden designers create a well-crafted outdoor retreat concept that will maximize your terrain’s potential while staying within your budget. We take into account your entire property and allow for each area to complement the other, thereby creating better flow, line, and natural symmetry to your overall outdoor oasis. We at Patrick T. Sharkey set ourselves apart from other outdoor design and landscaping companies in so many ways. Just one example: rather than isolated designs for only one area of a client’s property that may not succeed because of drainage issues or poor soil quality, our clients receive a natural, holistic approach that accounts for their entire property, including existing topography, soil, and types of plants. We approach your garden, deck, and pool area as an extension of your indoor living space, creating new features and an outdoor environment which you will truly appreciate and enjoy. We at Patrick T. Sharkey encourage you to share your entire vision for your property with us because no other company can meet your outdoor space desires like we can!

   Patrick T. Sharkey Landscape Design building and remodeling company guarantees every job, while we maximize your living space and help make your home THE place to be. Let us transform your outdoor property and make your neighbors slow down and take notice! We offer skilled craftsmanship and artistry into everything we do. If you can dream it, we can build it! PATRICK T SHARKEY, Landscape Designers

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